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Criminal Defense in Taunton, Massachusetts

Attorney Richard A. Nunes in Taunton, Massachusetts, is well known for his criminal defense practice, successfully representing thousands of people accused of a wide variety of offenses.

Criminal Defense

Attorney Richard A. Nunes has particular knowledge and expertise in the handling of drunk driving offenses. It's the single criminal offense that impacts people of all ages and professions.
He has successfully defended hundreds of citizens accused of operating under the influence of alcohol—a crime that can carry severe penalties, including incarceration and extended loss of driving privileges, even for a first offense.
At our law firm, we understand that after being charged with a criminal offense, it can be devastating to think about family repercussions, loss of driving privileges, fines, and possible loss of employment. Seeking immediate counsel helps ease your mind and enables you to start taking positive action.
Court, Criminal Defense in Taunton, MA

Criminal Defense Cases Include

• Arson
• Assault & Battery
• Bail Hearings
• Breaking & Entering
• Criminal Defense
• Domestic Violence
• Drug Charges
• Drunk Driving
• Felonies
• First Time
• Forgery & Fraud
• Gun Charges
• Hardship & Probationary Licenses
• Homicide
• Juvenile Offenders
• Kidnapping, Abduction, & Unlawful Restraint
• License Reinstatement Assistance
• Misdemeanors
• Murder
• Police Misconduct
• Probation Violations
• Prostitution
• Reckless Driving
• Record Sealing
• Restraining Orders
• Robbery
• Sexual Assault
• Shoplifting
• Theft Charges
• Traffic Offenses
• Vandalism
• Vehicular Homicide
• Violent Crimes
• Weapons Offenses
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